Monday, October 12, 2009

The Search for Tamiflu

Andrew went to Boston this weekend to watch the Red Sox play in the Division Series. I made him take Kate, so I wasn't left with all 3 kids for the weekend. So it was just me and my boys -- wooo! Saturday we went to the Museum of American History down on the Mall, to meet one of my online friends visiting from Ohio, as well as a few of my local DC friends who also know her. After that, we went to Uncle Matt & Auntie Heather's house, to play with Makenzie and -- a special treat -- Kelly and Mary Regan, who were also visiting with Uncle John. WOOT! Jack complained that he didn't feel good, but as soon as Kelly showed up he was all smiles and seemingly felt fine. That night I let Jack sleep in bed with me as a special treat. Around 11;00, I'm watching Color Splash on HGTV (side note, anyone else love David Bromstad? LOVE!) and Jack starts moaning and crying in his sleep. I reached over to comfort him and realized he was burning a hole through the sheets, he was so hot. WOW. Took his temp, and it was 103.2. I nearly fell down the stairs running for the Motrin. He tossed and turned, moaning, wailing, and crying for me, most of the night. Sometime around 3am his fever finally broke.

Next morning I called the pedi. Jack had a terrible cough, and was complaining that "Mommy it hurts." What "it" was, only he knows, but I took it as a bad sign. Lovely Dr. Hseih offered to meet me at the office so she could look at him, and then promptly diagnosed him with the flu. Regular or Swine? Who knows -- she didn't bother testing. She said 70% of her cases that week had been flu, and they had stopped testing altogether. B/c Jack fit into all three high risk categories of being under 5, having asthma, and having an infant under 6 mos in the house, she put him on Tamiflu. And thus began The Adventure To Find The Damn Tamiflu.

First of all, I must brag that throughout the entire day, Jack was REMARKABLY well behaved. Granted, he was sick as a dog, but not many a 3 year-old will hold up well to the adventure we undertook. So I just had to throw that out there. He was a dream child.

Anyway, on the way home I went through the drive-thru of our regular pharmacy, and dropped off the script. The Pharmacist came back and said she no longer had any Tamiflu, tabular or suspension, and that I would need to look for another pharmacy. Then she said to me, "No matter what, you GET the medicine you need for your baby. If people tell you they don't have it, fight for it -- other pharmacies have it, and they CAN compound it, but they won't want to. Make sure you get it." I had NO idea how hard it was going to be. it was around 11:35 am at this point.

Thus began our journey to find Tamiflu. Each pharmacy was out, but seemed to know of another pharmacy that had it. I'd get there, and no Tamiflu. I finally just started calling from the car. The last one I called said they knew of a Walgreens in Ashburn that would compound. BINGO! I called the pharmacy to confirm, packed up the boys, and headed to Ashburn -- only to arrive and be told they need permission from my Pedi to compound. Sigh. My pedi was on call, but it had taken her 2 hours to get back to me in the morning. I didn't have 2 hours -- Jack was fading fast, and Charlie needed a bottle (which I hadn't brought with me). So they sent me down the road to a CVS that "has the suspension in stock." After getting lost in Ashburn, I finally found it. Turns out they were out of the suspension, but agreed to compound without doctor permission. Which takes an hour. So we spent our time in CVS -- me buying anything Jack wanted (such a good boy, did I mention?), and buying a bottle and formula so I could feed Charlie in the parking lot. Who knew it was going to take me this long to get Tamiflu? I was unprepared -- rookie mistake.

Anyway, we finally got the Tamiflu, I promptly gave Jack a dose in the parking lot, and then we ran by Giant so I would have some groceries for the babysitter in the morning. Jack was barely holding up. I make it through the grocery store, we're in line to buy the groceries, and Jack starts vomitting EVERYWHERE (side note -- beware the car carts at the Giant on Dranesville Rd. I told the Manager to decontaminate it, but part of me is afraid it didn't happen). He's hysterically crying, everyone is staring at me, and I'm calmly (mother of 3) telling him it will be fine, we're going home now. Sigh. It was 4:35 pm.

So our Tamiflu journey ended with me stripping my sobbing boy down in the Giant parking lot, and dragging him home with a fever -- again -- of 103. The Swine Flu experience is still ongoing at this point, but thankfully we have that stupid Tamiflu in hand. I just pray that Charlie and Kate come through without getting it. The fact that Jack coughed DIRECTLY in Charlie's face yesterday -- after being told not to go near him -- doesn't leave me with a lot of hope. Sigh. Our lives are always an adventure...