Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Big Changes Coming Up!

Well, we knew it was coming. Thankfully, we had thought through the possibilities over and over, and while we weren't directly prepared, we knew our lives as we knew them wouldn't end if it happened. But it did. I got laid off.

I have to giggle, b/c I think that a more pleasant "lay off" probably never happened at Marshfield before this. Chris and Elise came into my office, kind of hemmed and hawed for a minute, and I said to them "You don't need me anymore, do you?" Yep. Knew it was coming. Andrew and I had this conversation before. Me: "What they haven't yet realized, is that they just don't need in-house counsel. They would be find using outside counsel." Andrew: "Well don't tell THEM that!" Me: "I know, but we should be prepared for the day they realize it on their own."

And that day came. Honestly, I laughed with them both, and told them not to worry. I knew that they didn't need me, and I was prepared for the conversation. Andrew and I were starting to realize that daycare expenses for three kids were becoming cost-prohibitive anyway, and we were trying to see what other options we had. The decision was made for me, though, and I'm SO RELIEVED!!

So what lies ahead? Well, I am going to stay home for awhile, and at least get a chance to enjoy my youngest (last!) baby while I can. And I'm BE. SIDE. myself about that. I have to get the other two into preschool in the meantime, and it will mean a LOT of changes in the Finkelman house. But I think these changes will be GOOD. This will give me a chance to get my brain out of the law for awhile -- a place where I had become unhappy anyway, and was dying -- DYING to leave. I just don't have the heart for it anymore -- I want to be with my kids while I can. I am hoping to find something to do from home, so that I can at least generate SOME income to help with household expenses. And in the meantime, I'm hanging up my law degree and picking up my apron. And some Xanax... ;-)


Michelle said...

Congrats sound like they are in order to a certain degree at least! I'm glad that everything seems to be working out well! Good luck with the changes!

mommylife said...

Sorry about the layoff, but I'm glad that you feel so great about it! I think you are going to love it! Good luck finding a preschool that you love and the kids love and good luck with all of the changes!

Jaime said...

I'm so excited for you Ashley! I'm going to keep thinking of ideas for you.
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