Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Thankful Holiday at HOME!

After 11 days at the hospital, Katie and Mommy are finally home! We had the most wonderful nurses at Inova Fairfax hospital, and we truly can't thank them enough for all they did for us. I spent all of my time there with Katie, as she needed to be watched 24/7 in case she stopped breathing. She ended up on oxygen and a feeding tube for most of her stay, which was hard to watch. She left the hospital with strict orders not to be around other children at all, and to limit her contact with other people as much as possible. Poor Uncle Matt and his girlfriend, Amy, had to shower and change clothes before they could hold her, when they came off the plane from Boston for the holiday! But she is doing better every day, and starting to finally gain back all the weight she lost in the hospital. She was down almost to her birthweight at one point, but was up to 8 lbs even when we left the hospital.

Thanks to everyone for your well-wishes and visits! Hope everyone had as good of a thanksgiving as we did!

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