Sunday, December 2, 2007

Getting Ready for the Holidays!

Well, Jack, Katie, Nana and I made the long drive from Virginia to Florida to spend the month at Nana & Grandpa's house. We couldn't fly b/c Katie's immune system can't take the germs that she would have been exposed to yet. The drive wasn't bad, and other than the kids tag-teaming Mommy by crying all night in the hotel room, the trip was uneventful. And now we're back in summertime again! The kids are enjoying the warm weather through walks and other outdoor play. On Saturday night we went to the tree-lighting ceremony at Altamonte Springs, where there were fireworks, live music and lots of people. Jack was afraid of the fireworks at first, but then he started to enjoy them. Katie slept through the entire evening. Today was cousin Ian's birthday, and he came over to play. Jack followed his cousin around like he was a celebrity. It was fantastic!

New things the kids are doing:

1. Jack can do most of the dance moves to "Rock-a-bye Your Bear" by The Wiggles.
2. New words Jack is saying: Down, Bye-bye, Quack
3. Jack is giving kisses! Mommy loves this!
4. Katie is smiling all the time, and getting better and better about holding up her head.
5. Jack is now starting to climb on things, much to Mommy's dismay.
6. Jack likes to sit on the bottom stair at Nana's, and hang out like he's a big boy.
7. Katie loves the Christmas tree, and could stare and smile at it for hours.
8. Jack is now running. And tiring Mommy and Nana out!

We are hoping that by spending this time in more tropical weather, the kids will get a break from cold season a bit, and Katie will have a chance to recover more fully from the RSV. We want to avoid another hospital trip if possible!


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