Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Please Let the Sickies Go Away!

It's about time that I update this blog. I seem to be really bad about these things, even though I decide from time to time this is an easy way to keep in touch. At any rate, I'm just coming off a really, really bad week of the sickies with poor Kate, so figured I'd jump back into the blog-world now that I'm back among the living. It all started last Wednesday night after bedtime, when Katie was crying in her crib and wanted to be held. I picked her up, and she promptly lost her entire day's meal all over me. It was lovely, I'm hollering at Andrew through the monitor "I need backup! I need backup!" and Jack is starting to wail in his bedroom. She ended up sleeping with me that night, and from that moment the barfing had begun. She didn't keep down any food again until Monday. She also attached herself to me and her blankie like velcro, and we spent the next five days getting to know each other very well.

It was so sad to watch! :-( I wish I could have done something for her. At any rate, on Monday I took her to work with me, and she seemed like she was doing well, but then she had another meltdown and we went BACK to the pedi only to discover the poor baby was wheezing and had a raging ear infection, too! I don't know what my poor baby did to deserve that, but it was more than any baby should have to handle. So on the neb my poor baby has gone, along with some antibiotics and another oral steroid. She seemed well enough to go to daycare today, but Mommy will be picking her up early for a follow up at the pedi today.

My poor, poor baby girl...


Grits414 said...

AWeeeeee, poor Kate! And poor Mommy!
And the pic of her on the floor is TOTALLY me! Corbett has done that the last three nights-last night at least it was ON his blanket. MOTY!
(and good job on the layout!)

Mary Heiss said...

Aww, poor Katie AND poor mommy! I hope the sickies have left...and don't come back for a long time! Love ya!