Monday, October 29, 2007

Adventures in the ER

Katie in her TINY little hospital gown

On Wednesday, October 24, Katie woke up with a fever. She was fussy throughout the day so Mommy took her to the pediatrician. Imagine Mommy's surpise (and horror) when the pediatrician said Katie needed to be admitted to the hospital! Our poor baby girl went immediately to the ER with Mommy & Nana (Daddy was in Boston at the World Series game) where she had blood drawn, and a spinal tap! We spent three days and two nights in the hospital, where it was determined that she caught a stomach virus from Jack. I suppose this won't be the last time Jack and Katie pass a bug back and forth, but it sure did give Mommy a scare!

Katie came home on Friday afternoon, where she is continuing to thrive. On Sunday Jack and Katie went to our neighborhood Halloween parade. Katie dressed up as a flower, and Jack was (of course!) a police officer, even sporting his Daddy's old badge. He had pizza and some chocolate, and enjoyed himself immensely. He's really starting to get used to his sister, and now he gets very concerned when he hears her crying in her pack and play. I think he knows that Katie is HIS baby, and she's here to stay!

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