Saturday, October 13, 2007

Some Jack Brags

Yep, still waiting for Katie to arrive. But in the meantime, Jack is doing some pretty remarkable things (ok, remarkable to US) that certainly keep us entertained! OK, so in lieu of talking about my cervix again, I'll take this time to brag about the remarkable things our boy is doing.

First of all, most of you know he's walking now. Well, Daddy has been on daywork, so for the past week Jack and I have waited outside for Daddy to get home from work. When Daddy arrives, he gets crouches down and Jack walks down the walkway into his arms. It's the best part of Daddy's day, and usually makes me tear up to see. It's one of those moments I feel like I've waited a lifetime for, and it's just so awesome that it's here.

Also, Jack has started to use utensils when he's eating. Mommy has to put the food on the utensils, but he can get the food in his mouth when I do. He gets such a proud look on his face when he navigates a piece of meatball into his mouth. Sometimes he puts the fork in too far, though, and gags himself. He's learning...

Daddy loves it when Jack brings him books to read. His current favorite is "Elmo's Birthday Party," which was a party favor from Lindsay's second birthday party. He brings the book to Daddy, and then Daddy drops whatever he was doing, picks up The Boy, and reads him the story. The look of concentration on Jack's face is hilarious.

Finally (I could go on for days, believe me), Jack has discovered The Wiggles. Knowing that he likes music, I decided to Tivo an episode to see if he would be interested. From the first show, he was completely mesmerized. He will sit on the floor, eyes glued to the TV, and smile, clap, bounce and dance to the music. Daddy and I are a little creeped out by the Little Wiggles, but Jack thinks the whole thing is fantastic, so who can argue with that?

Oh, I said I was done, but had to add one last thing -- today Jack started saying "Mama" for the first time! I'm so happy! Daddy asked him "where's Mama?" in the photo album, and he pointed out Mama, Daddy and the Kitty. He's a genius!!!

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