Saturday, October 6, 2007

Daddy is a Sergeant!

On Friday we went to Andrew's promotion ceremony, where Jack and I got to pin his badge on him! I can't say whether the ceremony was nice or not, b/c I spent the majority of the time outside in the lobby, while Jack napped in his stroller. Such is life when you bring a 13 month old to a 3 hour long event like that! But I woke him up in time to strut across the stage with Daddy, and surprisingly I didn't cry when I put the pin on! Andrew's Dad and sister Amy came to the ceremony, as did our neighbor Christine Katsapis, who happens to work at Gallaudet University (where the ceremony was held).

The BEST news we got is that Andrew is now assigned to the Second District in DC now. WOOOOO! That means Georgetown, Dupont Circle (where I work, Yay!), etc. In other words, he can spend his time arresting drunk frat boys -- who don't have guns -- rather than crack-dealers! To be honest, I think Andrew is disappointed, but I will be able to breathe better at night now! And with two kids at home, I think this is a better situation for us all. He hasn't found out what his shift is yet, and we're betting on midnights with Tuesdays/Wednesdays off, so I STILL won't ever see him. But at least he'll be safer!

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